I am PapaySailor – the author of Archipelago

I welcome you to try Archipelago – a Sailor Simulator. Even though my background is in electrical engineering, I love computer programming (I did that professionally) and I love sailing … but I don’t have a boat! Nor the money to get one 🙂 Hey! ….maybe one day I will! For now I wrote a program that allows me to sail one VIRTUALLY while having fun coming up with how to do it ! And I want to share it with YOU! read more about it

This program started as an experiment to learn OpenGL in Java. As often with projects like this, it “evolved” into something else. Now it is more than just a platform for me to experiment on, but also a fun game/simulator, and I want to share it with you … for FREE. No strings attached and no advertising!

Side note: Is “PapaySailor” misspelled? Well…. YES! So what? The “other” one was already taken LOL 😉

email me if you want to talk about Archipelago, or have a request, wish, recommendation etc…


NOTE: you don’t have to contact me to get a copy of Archipelago; just download it from this popular gamer’s site itch.io: https://papaysailor.itch.io/archipelago-sailor-simulator

About sailboat BOCHICA included in Archipelago:

This is a 36′ schooner, one of a kind beautiful all-wood sailboat that my dear father (r.i.p.) owned when I was still a teenager. Two aluminum masts (for jib, main and mizzen). As a family we loved this boat and had the most wonderful vacations sailing this boat in the Caribbean. This was back in the 70’s. We were the 2nd or third owners (I am not quite sure). The story is that before us, it won a race in the Bahamas and later in a storm it got de-masted and repaired.

Needless to say this sailboat, being almost entirely made of wood, came with quite a bit of necessary maintenance: i.e: barnacles removal, sanding, painting, lacquering waxing etc… plus the occasional but common mechanical issues. No complain there because despite all the work we put in to keep it in tip-top shape, we loved that boat! After a few years my father was very sad to have to sell it as the expense was becoming a little too much 😦 Well…like everything else, even good things must end. But it was fun while it lasted! 🙂

I wrote Archipelago in great part as a tribute to my father’s passion and his love for sailing, and I 3D-modeled Bochica from the original blue prints which my older brother saved all these years – thanks bro! It took me about a month to model it (I am rather slow with 3D modeling software – Blender).

When you install Archipelago, you can find Bochica under the File/Load Model menu and once “on-board” you can go inside to see the layout including the bunk-beds, kitchen area etc… as I remember. Enjoy!

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