Welcome to Archipelago – a Sailor Simulator

Archipelago Sim – The Sailing Simulator

This game is an OPEN 3D WORLD for virtual sailors. Can’t go sailing today? Don’t have a sailboat? Hey! You can practice your skills and have fun with Archipelago! My mission is to provide a fun and safe environment and entertainment for you.

Hello! I am PapaySailor. I started writing this program as a “hobby” and also as an experiment just to learn 3D OpenGL in Java using an amazing API tool published in JogAmp.org… BTW: I am not using any standard or commercially available “game engine” like Unity or UnReal etc…. I wrote my own game engine. That’s part of the fun! As I kept learning, before I knew it, this program became more than just a learning platform! It is now a fun sailing game/simulator, so…. I wanted to share it with everybody… for FREE! No strings attached, no commercials, no annoying messages and no time limit! Of course, it is far from perfect, but I’ll keep developing it and hopefully making it better and I hope you enjoy it! You be the judge, but let me know how you liked it.

Impatient to install or to update a previous version? You can go straight to download the program at our itch.io site to get the latest : https://papaysailor.itch.io/archipelago-sailor-simulator

See a log with the latest changes here: https://archipelagosim.com/changes/ or if you need some help installing or how to use the program or just a little more details click here

Some Videos: This is a short video clip of the 1st release in YouTube and this is a small demo of also an older version but still applies

The following is a video of the latest version:

Archipelago Sailor Simulator

And here are a few screenshots:

Bluenose II Schooner

Some thing to note: I recently added ropes, true reflections, rain, lightning and thunder. I know you will enjoy this program.

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