Archipelago – a Sailor Simulator

Version 2.0 is the best so far!

Archipelago Simulator Version 2.1

This version fixes a problem that happens with version 2.0 new installs (upgrades were OK always) – Please remember to report when you see problems with any version. Thanks!

Archipelago Version 2.0 Published

I released the latest version 2.0 of Archipelago Sailing Simulator. There are many great improvements in this version. You can find it for free (as usual) in the distribution web site and there can also read detail about what changed.

Coming up

For the next version of Archipelago I will add the famous Bluenose II schooner (at least famous in Canada!) – because of this, I am making changes to support (control) more sails (besides jib,main and mizzen) and many other improvements; but don’t wait! Go ahead and install the current latest version (1.74) and be assured…

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