Version 2.2 -	May 1st, 2023:
        Updated project to Java 11 and customized JRE for distribution(smaller)
        Added new "Turbulent Clouds" under "Other" tab (dynamic clouds...GPU heavy) 
            - default is off and choice is saved in Preferences
        Added new "OverCast" slider (0..100%) under the "Weather" tab which also 
            darkens the scenery - saved in Situation - default=0 ; Also Overcast
            reduces the intensity of shadows proportionally
        User can now change Sky Color in the "Other" tab, to better match 
            chosen water color - user can always press Reset (to default colors)
            This color will be saved in user Preferences.
        Added Rain effects under the "Weather" tab and a way to increase gradually
            from none to drizzle to a down-pour (this will tax the GPU). 
        Also added Thunder and Lightning controlled by rain qty and overcast.
            Thunder only happens at max rain.
        Added new "Show ID's" option to allow user to turn off far away boats IDs
            and cone ID's for when added realism is wanted. Saved in Preferences.
        Any bugs detected were squashed.
Version 2.1 -	Jan 20, 2023:
        Bug fix that affects new installations (2.0 throws null error) - upgrades
            from previous versions were OK. Also... fixed shaders integer constants 
            to floating point conversion problem that affects some GPUs
Version 2.0 -	Oct 4, 2022:
	Updated Keys.txt list with new Keyboard shortcut's and mouse
	Improvements in CPU and GPU memory management (textures and polygons)
        User can increase the maximum # of trees/terrain if GPU can handle it
        When user adds a structure to the terrain, trees are removed as expected
	Added option for xobj Ropes/Pulleys - user can turn on/off in "Other" tab
        Added way to edit ropes to Model Editor under menu Options under "Other"
	Added option Water/Object Reflection - user can turn on/off in "Other" tab
	Reflections on/off checkbox is using the older "fake reflections" option
	Added Bochica ropes/pulleys/reflectors in xobj
	Added BlueNose ropes/pulleys/reflectors in xobj
	Added static cubemap reflectors to Marlow.xobj
	Reflector parts can use static sky cubemap or dynamic capture (heavy)
	Added anchor ropes effect and "hanging" parts option to xobj's
	Fixed far-from Origin z-fighting weird effects - improved near clipping
	User is reminded once a month the option to send feedback to developer
	When in "fly mode" pilot can rotate head independent of fly direction
	Removed 'straightening effect' when in "fly mode" - was somewhat annoying
	using Ctrl-Alt- and arrow keys or joystick - reset view using Ctrl-Alt-S
	Improved Bochica obj surfaces that were causing z-fighting flicker
	Fixed Vagabond materials
	Improved water "choppy" effects
	Prevents wild sails switching when running (wind behind)
	User can now more easily move model when runs aground using "Other" tab
        User can delete a model while in the Select Model list by hitting DEL key
        User can now adjust Water Color preference under the "Options" tab
        Added viewing this "Changes.log" to Help menu
        Added "Reset Archipelago" to Options menu
        Added a few new Structures
	All noticed bugs were squashed

Version 1.8 - 	Feb 2, 2022:
	Fixed camera problems when "onBoard" and far away
	Added capability for additional sails beyond main,jib and mizzen
	Improved AutoPilot/AutoSail
	Improved collision avoidance and zig-zagging when autopilot is on
	Added Waves crest/spray effect  - user can turn on/off in "Other" tab
	Added LightHouse obj
	Added rotating parts to Marlow and Bochica (radat and propeller)
	Added "orbital rotation" to camera when onBoard at a distance
	Improved Kelvin Wakes and foam wakes and water in general
	Support square sails
	Added BlueNose II sailboat model
	Support parts that rotate with sails and booms
	Better water depth effects and transparency
	Added new nodes Tree list for model selection when user press button
	Added support for xobj file that contain Archipelago Parameters
	UI improvements
	Improved Engine Sounds
	All noticed bugs were squashed

Version 1.74 - 	Mar 29, 2021:
	Added Choppy water option - user can turn on/off in "Other" tab
	Added Kelvin Wakes option - user can turn on/off in "Other" tab
	Improved Wakes
	Improved shallow water effects and water waves in general
	All noticed bugs were squashed

Version 1.73 - 	Feb 22, 2021:
	1st Release of Archipelago Sailor Simulator

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